Class sizes continue to rise.  The 2017-2018 Class Size Counts Petition opposes the proposed 0.5 student across-the-board increase for FY2018, which will cause more students to be assigned to classes with 30+ students. We urge the School Board and FCPS Staff:

  • Not to increase elementary, middle and high school class sizes by 0.5 students

Please support and share this petition. Increasing class size to balance the budget continues to plague FCPS. See below blog from 4 years ago.

Thank you for your support and advocacy for fair class size solutions. Class size counts!

August 2017 — Refer to recent School Board candidates’ comments comparison on Class Size for upcoming special election.


The 2013-2014 Class Size Counts Petition urged FCPS: Don’t pass a 2014-15 class size increase. It failed. Our petition and 1300+ stories were heard, however the request was denied. Class sizes were raised. 



In response to our 1300+ voices, leaders crafted a “trigger system” to deal with oversized classes. Whenever a class reaches a certain size – or “trigger” – a remedy from a menu of options is presented. We were told the trigger number of 27 for elementary schools was used. The trigger system was suggested and implemented by some schools but not all for this school year.

The Trigger Policy combined with the Staffing Reserve process worked as a solution for large classes in some schools for SY2014-2015.

CSC is investigating why it applied to some schools and not others?

If your school continues to suffer from large classes, ask your principal about the Trigger Policy. Ask your Regional Assistant Supervisor if your principal is unaware. Share the feedback you obtain.

We remain hopeful. A Trigger Policy and the Staffing Reserve process need to be systems we can see and trust. We want to carefully scrutinize any new system for the following features:

  1. high quality of each remedy
  2. transparency
  3. prevention of loopholes
  4. monitoring of the remedies throughout the year.

At School Board work session on Janary 29, 2015, FY 2016 Proposed Budget Recommendations to Address Large Classes was presented. Class size triggers and caps will be used to allocate extra teachers (caps) and aides (triggers) from the $3.1 million placeholder in the FY 2016 Advertised Budget.

Further updates will be posted when available. Thanks for your support.

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  1. Are the FCPS estimates for class size going to be revised to accurately reflect the increase in each grade rather than continuing with their inaccurate numbers which reflect decreases? We all make mistakes, but once identified, they should be corrected.

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